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Pioneer in Machine Learning for Ads

Skylads is one of the first research labs in AI applied to advertising, with numerous academic publications over the last decade.

Academic Publications in AI & Machine Learning

AI Scientific Papers

A New Layer of Optimization for Real-Time Bidding Campaigns
accepted in journal IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis international journal

Fast and Accurate Temporal Data Classification using Nearest Weighted Centroid
published and presented in research conference ICCAIRO: International Conference on Control, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Optimization – Prague, Czech Republic in June 2018

Ensemble Learning using Frequent Itemset Mining for Anomaly Detection
research conference: 8th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing and Applications (AIAA-2018) – Melbourne, Australia in November 2018

Click-Through Rate (CTR) Prediction based on Feature Engineering

Digital Media Buying Campaigns Structural Optimization with Automatic Partitioning

Chatbots & LLMs Trained with Expert Knowledge in Ad Campaigns

Generate Campaigns with Prompts

For the past five years, Skylads has been at the forefront of developing expert chatbots, now integrating the latest LLM technology to swiftly transform prompts into campaign generation.

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Research Projects & Applications

Beyond cutting-edge research, Skylads translates academic insights into practical technology and applications, driving tangible results for your advertising campaigns.

Boost your campaign ooutcomes with AI

Improved Ads Outcomes

Optimize across multiple advertising channels with decisions grounded in science, not guesswork.

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